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Celestial Ocean
by Chad Sexton, 2021

A soothing visual that is meditative in nature, Celestial Ocean is one of the most powerful visuals in the Unified Dimensions collection. The work hints of the universe as it appeared three billion years ago where simple organisms lived that are now forgotten. Though a true abstract, the work also hints of the weightlessness found within the ocean.

Measuring 18"x 30" on canvas, there are a total of 40 pieces in the edition. All are numbered and signed by Chad Sexton and SceneFour. All canvases include Certificates of Authenticity and are available to collectors worldwide.

• Measures 18"x 30"
• Giclee on Canvas
• Edition of 40
• Numbered and signed by Chad Sexton and SceneFour
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

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